School of stand-up comedy / The Panč Academy

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  Since 2009 Guild of Laughs has also been the driving force behind educating new generations of stand-up comedy. The Panč Academy is a breading ground for new stand-up talent and it usually takes place twice a year in the form of ten weekly sessions. These are led by the most experienced comedians and promoters in Slovenia. Every attendee must also take part in two club performances during the course and the best get to show their skills to the audinece at the Panč stand-up coedy festival. In 2010 the Academy successfully launched new talent to the scene with Jernej Celec, DuÅ¡an Tomić, Husein Å akanović, AleÅ¡ Novak, Klavdija Vlaj and Žan Papić.   We are also developping new comedy prospect in Croatia. Stand-up comedy workshops are led by Croatian professional stand-up comedian Marina Orsag. Marina has been the driving force behind many of the open mic nights in Zagreb, whereas in Slovenia the open mic concept hasn't taken off just yet. We hope to do so in the near future.
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