Panč stand-up comedy festival held it's premiere in August 2008 in the enchanting atmosphere of Ljubljana Castle and immediateljy became the largest festival of its kind in this part of Europe. All three evenings were sold out and all national media covered the event. In August 2009 the festival took another step forward and filled the castle's courtyard to its last corner. In 2010 the summer edition of the festival had more than 5.500 visitors with a staggering record of 1.300 at its closing evening. In 2009 the festival crossed the border to Croatia where it also takes place annually in two editions, in winter and summer. Founding partners and corpoducers of the festivals are Andrej Težak – Tešky (most influential promoter of stand-up comedy in Slovenia and  organiser of various performances, festivals and concerts) and Tin Vodopivec (one of the most popular stand-up comedians and the man in charge of the regular stand-up comedy nights in SITI teater in Ljubljana).
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